PASMO is a smart card that can be used in place of a train ticket or cash, helping to make your travel experience smoother and more convenient. In addition to using the same PASMO card on trains and buses, you can also use PASMO to purchase goods and services from stores that accept electronic money payments.



Essential items for traveling in Japan




* Ride trains and bus with one simple swipe.


* Top-up at stations, in buses and in some stores so you can use it over and over again.
but, If you use the airhug service, you can buy online. (+more)


* Buses with this display accept the PASMO PASSPORT.



If you have a transportation IC card, you can use Tokyo train conveniently and easily without buying a ticket every time.



You can use the following vehicles:





Use it on public transportation in major areas.



You can go to the following places:





Using your PASMO as electronic money



Look for this mark!
This mark is displayed in stores and on vending machines, parking lots,and coin lockers.

If you use the airhug service, you can get a free bonus charge.(+more)


* Using PASMO in shops & conveniences and PASMO can be topped up at shops.


* Using your PASMO at vending machines.


* Using your PASMO at coin lockers.