The airhug service is a service that allows you to purchase PASMO cards online. And if you purchase hotel reservations, airline ticket reservations, each attraction admission ticket, etc. together from our partner ticket site, you can get a free PASMO card charge.



You can buy PASMO cards anywhere in the world.





There are many benefits when you buy online.




Buy with a credit card without cash.



The only way to buy it is to buy it in cash at a local ticket vending machine.
If you have an internet connection, you can easily purchase PASMO with a credit card on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.
There is no need to line up locally, so you can buy it without having to touch a ticket vending machine.




Charge amount can be selected freely and multiple purchases are possible.



If you buy in Japan, you can prepare cash and only buy one at a time, but if you buy online, you can buy as many as you want. After that, you can receive it at the airport post office or hotel, so you don't have to buy it at the ticket machine every time.




You can buy hygienic card.



You can only purchase PASMO cards that are installed at stations in Japan.
All are touch panel type.

Since tens of thousands of people use it a day, the touch panel is full of germs and is not hygienic.

However, by purchasing a PASMO card online, you can purchase a hygienic and clean PASMO card without touching the dirty touch panel.




When you purchase a PASMO card online, you can receive the PASMO card at the airport or hotel.



If you buy a PASMO card online, you can pick it up at the airport post office or hotel without having to go to the ticket machine. This has the following advantages:



■Airport pickup location:
1)When entering from Narita International Terminal 1 : 1 Terminal 4F airport post office.
2)When entering Narita International Terminal 2, 3 : 2Terminal 3F airport post office.
Narita International Airport





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Other than the above, you can get a free charge if you buy something from a partner ticket site.

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